Holden Caulfield Inner Journey Dramatic Monologue

Holden Caulfield: Dramatic Monologue

A world full of iniquity and corruption. A world inhabited by an insipid, insecure and ‘phony’ populace. Such a world I concocted in my mind and was immersed in. And such a world I despised and disparaged.   So much so, that my negative perception of humanity and judgmental criticisms towards those around me, led to my isolation and withdrawal from society. I forced myself to become a pariah. An outcast. Yet, my egotism, conceit and emotional instability, incited from the traumatic death of my brother Allie, blinded my ability to realise the bitterness and arrogance I was engulfed within.

That was the direction my life was heading towards. A downward-spiral towards nullity and disillusionment. Such was the path, until my expulsion from Pencey Prep… inducing a chain of events that ultimately compelled me on a physical and psychological journey, inciting an inner transformation and encompassing a change from mental and emotional blindness to self-actualisation and maturation.

Yet, don’t be so gullible as to assume the conventional transformation of the inner self, where the path towards self-discovery is one of joyous and simple change and ascertainment. OH NO! The call to ‘change’ and the realisation of self was concealed within a callous journey. A journey towards my emotional collapse. Whereby my withdrawal from society heightened and the animosity within me amplified. But all was necessary for my inner transformation.

After the tragic date with Sally Hayes, a failed attempt for human interaction, I realised that I could not deal with the complexity, conflict, and change of real life. I retreated into nostalgic desires to return to childhood. Like the tableaux at the museum, I desired a life that was frozen, unchanging, placid, and ageless. In the museum's world, communication is unidirectional: I can judge the exhibits, but the exhibits cannot judge me. Oh. Such arrogance and fear I rendered.

Then came a point,...