Journey Through Home - Original Writing

My father is a Hindu Punjabi, and my mother is a Muslim. Personally, I
consider myself to be both. When I was younger, I was confused as to
who I was and where I was from. As these two religions are very
different, I was exposed to two very contrasting cultures. I had been
to India and Pakistan before, but by the time I reached 14, I wanted
to go back to my roots and go home. On this thought I dug my passport
out of a cupboard in my room, and before I knew it, it was stamped,
ready and I was at the foot of gate 12. I looked up ahead of me at the
screen, my destination, my time displayed in a list. My eyes followed
down to the ticket in my hand, I was finally on my way, and it was the
beginning of a transforming journey through home.

As I was getting the flight from London Heathrow to Pakistan, I felt
somewhat out off place. All the women were covered from head to toe in
nothing but what they call “Hijaab”. This is a simple black cloth that
is placed over them, related to their religion, which is not to expose
any part of their body which will make men sexually aroused in the
slightest. I looked at myself and felt ashamed. I immediately put on
my jacket and covered my shoulders. The men were traditionally dressed
in a typical Pakistani outfit, and were looking down at the floor not
making any eye contact with the women.

I arrived at the airport in Pakistan, after a long 9 hour flight. But
as I set foot of the plane and in to the airport, a sudden wave of
sweat, heat and dust hit me. The heat was unbearable and I immediately
removed my jacket. I then noticed how every man turned his head
towards me showing no respect, and looking at me in a very disturbing
way. This made me think. If it is part of my religion for men to not
look at women in this way, why were they doing so? I didn’t know as to
whether I was giving them the invitation to look, or purely because
the men were sick in the head. Even though I...