John Brown

S.S 8 period 3
The Northern Papers
The worst day of the year is coming John Brown was hang on December 2, 1859. John Brown was the greatest man there was. John Brown got into a fight with shooting and stabbing one guy tried to kill John by stabbing him in the stomach but lucky that his belt buckle was there and the sword just bent in half. If Johns belt buckle was not there the sword would have went through his stomach and came out his back he would have died. But instead of John dying he got a few wounds.   But the wounds cause him to be in his stretcher during his court trial. John was involved in a battle in Harpers Ferry Virginia.   John and his followers walk into a cabin and stab and kill everyone in the cabin.   Mary Day Brown was John’s     second wife. John was a Calvinist he believes in the bible a lot. Browns also committed treason. John was an abolitionist. John Brown had two wives who bore him 20 children. John was the leader of Bleeding Kanas. When he lived in Pennsylvania he brought 200 acres of land for his family. John grew a very long beard to disguise himself for his final preparations for the raid on Virginia.
John Brown was the major part of the starting of the civil war. When John Brown was on his way to his execution he rode on his own coffin. When   the rope was put on his neck to be hang there was a trap door so as his body goes down the rope snaps his neck. When he was a kid he saw a slave his age getting whip.