Jody's Bio

Let me begin by introducing myself, my name is Jody Perry. I was born in Greensboro, North Carolina, but I grew up in Moultrie, Georgia. Moultrie is a small town, where everyone knows your name.
      I’m married and have three wonderful kids. My spare time is spent between baseball, soccer, and basketball games. What time I have left, is spent remodeling our home. Back in November, my husband lost his job. My husband and I come to the conclusion that I could benefit from more education, so I began to look into schools that I would be able to stay at home and go to school. University of Phoenix are able to make my dreams come true.
      I work at Colquitt Regional Medical Center, in the radiology department as their secretary. The job consists of coding and entering patient’s exams. There are nine different departments in radiology. Kim, my co-worker, and I handle the front office. We average about eighty to a hundred patients in one day. Kim and I answer the phone, schedule, and enter exams. This does not include the inpatients we receive from the floors. We have to make sure the history matches the codes for the insurances to pay for the exams. We also help where we are needed.
      College has always been a dream. Now that the kids are older, I feel I can begin my degree. In the medical field codes and billing are always changing. I like the fact each day is a new one. The major I have chosen goes a long with what I am doing now. Coding and billing is a great begin. In the medical field Medicare and Medicaid have strict guide line to go by. With my degree, I will be able to make sure billing and codes match the patient’s history. I feel like I will be able to help the patient’s with the most important part of their stay at the hospital

      Jody Perry