Jaw Crusher with the Advantage of Adjusting the Particle Size

To achieve the goal that precises the adjusting time of the jaw crusher during its operation, a new set of adjusting device has been provided as standard for adjusting particle size. In addition, the adjusting time has been shortened to 1/3 to 1/4 the time required to adjust manually. Accordingly, the particle size of the primary jaw crusher can now be adjusted more frequently, contributing to improved work efficiency and increased productivity of the entire plant.

In the cement manufacturing plant , the material into the mill to reduce the particle size is an effective way to improve the mill production. Thus, with a smaller particle size the Hongxing jaw crusher is not just a powerful weapon of market competition, but also many equipment manufacturers' goal. Crushing jaw crusher is actually a kind of compound pendulum jaw crusher, it is the ordinary compound pendulum jaw crusher. The main difference of that machine are: the crushing chamber deepened, jaw width lengthened; some also reduces the moving jaw suspension height, the eccentric shaft centerline and jaw surface in a horizontal plane, namely the zero suspension, the upper horizontal stroke of the movable jaw to increase, you can get great pressure when broken. After using a zero suspension, eccentric eccentric shaft from narrow, lower center of gravity makes the device, smooth running machine; ability jaw clamping material enhancements help improve production capacity.
Granite is rich in quartz and feldspar coarse-grained or medium-grained intrusive rocks, it is the most common plutonic rocks in the earth's crust, formed by cooling magma deep in the crust. As for paving stones and building stone, mining granite was once an important industry. As for the design of the crushing process, Hongxing Machinery adopts the laminated principle of crushing equipment in order to reduce the loss of the wear parts of the jaw crusher. If the customers have high requirements on the final stone grain type, you can...