Jaw Crusher Stone Crusher Precise Design Principles to Boost Production

Mining Machinery is a wide variety of industrial machinery , equipment, complex structure, demand, using a wide range of machinery industry . Mining machinery use can be divided into mining equipment , lifting equipment, narrow-gauge transportation equipment, crushing grinding equipment ( crushers , mills ) , mining and screening equipment , washing equipment and roasting equipment seven categories, 30 small categories, thousands of specifications . Jaw crusher which is the most common ore crushing equipment , whether it is crushing hard rock , river pebbles , and various types of ore , jaw crusher are perfectly capable of crushing , users get the required size of the stone, the company jaw crusher equipment has been widely used in mining , metallurgy, building materials and other industries, to supply a variety of stone and gravel aggregate equipment to solve the problem . According to survey data , most users tend to choose jaw crusher equipment during medium-grained stone crusher .
The most prominent advantage is its jaw crusher high crushing ratio , and described as "the size of the take-all " requirement for feeding low power design of the device makes the materials are repeatedly broken, thereby increasing the jaw crusher crushing performance, broken jaw from the top of the crushing chamber work has already begun through the discharge port is set to a minimum and to improve the crushing ratio , while the liner angle design makes the material more in the crushing cavity bottom of the stroke , and promote the material through improving capabilities.
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