Jamestown V Virginia

A Thought: New England People in Virginian Lands
When we begin to analyze the successful first colonization’s of our American pastime, we can see that Theology played an exciting role in the missions and futuristic goals of the New England settlers. Now imagine taking those religious ideas and intentions towards a new land, a place filled with plantations and vast lands of fertile soil for the production of various products such as tobacco, cotton, and ultimately slavery. You ask yourself, would they aspire for wealth and stability like the Virginian settlers did or would they take the side of faith and theology? Religion has always been a true root of tradition, sacrifice, culture, and finance. Religion has ties that can make wars, create movements, instill economic systems and change governments. You have to wonder if the comparisons and differences of New England and Virginia rest far more between what is more important for settling: Religion or Stability of life? Regardless, one thing is for sure, Jamestown, Virginia would be a much different place.
As we close our eyes and slowly envision New England settlers moving into the Virginia lands, you cannot help but wonder what would be the cash crop of choice. The New England lands were meant for more useful vegetation, as well as crops that could be of use to survive rather than for the gain and wealth of the family. New England would be pushed to a place where they “were met by thick forests. The river sides were covered with swamps, marsh and stagnant water. Wild animals included deer, moose, elk, bear, wolf, lion, squirrels, rabbits and a total species of twenty-eight creatures roamed the forests” ( Our Ancestors 1).   When you analyze what can be grown in climate with efficiency, you would figure that tobacco and eventually more cotton would be planted. But in saying so, one might fail to recognize the pure power that the New England Protestant faith possessed. They went to the depths to leave...