Jamestown Settlement a Fiasco

Depending on how you look at it, The settlement of Jamestown can be
considered a success as well as a failure. Like every argument there is
going to be good and bad things for both side, but one side is going to
have a better argument why they are right. Though there are some
successes out of the settlement   of Jamestown, overall I would have to
call it a failure. In this essay I will point out views from both sides
but inevitability state why it was more of a failure then a success and
would lead to ten years of brutal and almost dumbfounding mistakes.
        The whole process started off on a bad note, landing these   settlers of
the new world in a period that they would not be able to grow crops for
the year, leaving   people starving. Secondly the whole land they were
settling on was swampy, leaving it more prone to diseases and bacterial
infections . So right from the start this was already showing bright
signs for failure. Within the first few months, only about fifty percent
of the original settlers were alive, in 1610 only 60 were still alive.
Jamestown is the only documented cannibalism in Virginia. Giving them
slack that maybe the first year they would have trouble planting if you
go to 1610 almost four years after first arrival they have cases of one
man chopping up his dead wife and eating her with some salt, and others
digging up corpses of the deceased for food. Now you tell me how you can
consider this a success? If there weren't loads and loads of wild game
they could of eaten and easily killed with there guns, or rivers full of
fish that could of also easily been caught, then maybe you would have a
better case of why this starvation went on for almost ten years. They
have plenty of land and materials needed supplied by the Indians to grow
and consume crop yet fail to do so. Almost a decade of starvation can
never be seen as a success in my eyes no matter how bright and prosperous
they became many many years later....