Bhupinder Singh
Eng. 101
Feb. 23, 2011
Family Guy
The Family Guy episode, Stewie Kill Lois, begins in a restoring. It was Lois's birthday and they were there to celebrate. Everybody brought her gifts. Brain brought her two tickets for crews. He thought so Lois will take him with her but she took Peter with her. Brian was felling sad and he thought that this was a waste of time. Then after say good bye to kids and telling them to behave good, they left for the Crews. Stewie wanted to go with them but he was late so they left. He was so angry.   When they were on this ship, Peter pooped on the deck. Then they were kicked out of a section of the Crews. Luckily, Peter and Lois got the chance to sit on the table with the captain. Captain told everyone a story his life.   After he finished, Peter started telling them a story. Because it was a stupid story, Lois felt so humiliated. Then they had a small fight in their room and Lois told him that whatever he did was not appropriate. She felt so bad and went out of her room.
On the other side Stewie was following the ship to kill Lois because she left him behind. She never thought about her small baby. While Lois was standing on the deck of the ship Stewie went behind her and killed her. No one knew what happened to Lois. A year later, When Peter told his friend that he has lot of money. He also told them that Lois had an insurance policy, because they believed she is dead, so they gave lot of money to Peter. Now his friends believed that Peter killed Lois for money. Then they went to Peter's house to find some evidence and they found a gun and some pictures of killing Lois. Peter got charged for the crime for killing his wife and was sent to a trail. After lot of court hearings he had punishment life in the prison. Luckily, someone opened the door of the court. Everyone started looking at the door. It was Lois.   Everyone was surprised. So she told everyone that Peter is Innocent and someone else tried to kill her....