It331 Infrastructure- Data Conversion

Running Head: How Is Data Converted Into Signals?

Data Conversion


Kaplan University

      In an average day, what are the things we do that uses data communications and computer networks?   How does data convert into signals?   I will attempt to answer these questions while demonstrating my daily activities.

Data Conversion
What is computer networking?   What is data communications?   Computer networking is the communication that occurs between several devices such as computer systems or structures (see Figure 1).   It involves grouping software applications and hardware which allows multiple computers in a business, organization or group to correspond between each other.
      Data communication involves transmitting data or messages to devices externally to a message source. It involves transporting digital or analog information with type digital or analog signal.
How many things we do on a daily basis involves data communication?
      According to The New York Times, working, eating, resting and watching TV consumes an estimate of two-thirds of an average day for most Americans (see Figure 2).   Per CrunchGear, teens spend thirty-one hours per week online alone. If we add in other devices, how many things and how much of our day uses data communication. Below is a list of items that uses data communication for one full day of activities for me:
Descriptions Times
IPhone 745
      Meeting reminders
      Replied to text messages
IBM Contractor (work-from-home usually
logged on from 8AM – 7PM)
Logged onto Windows 800
Logged onto AT&T Network Client 805

Logged onto Sametime 807
Logged onto Lotus Notes 809
Answered customers & coworkers
Notes via Lotus Notes (all day thing)
Check voicemail online through
Unified messaging center 900
Logged into ISS intranet 912
Logged into Oracle database 913
Logged into WOS database 915
Logged into IOL (Invoices on Line) 922...