Demographic Paper

Demographic Paper: Impact of Aging Population
Darla Selbrede
University of Phoenix
HCS 490/ Health Care Consumer Trends and Marketing
Bob Schroeder
February 21, 2010

Different populations have an impact on society and individual communities. However, the impact of the elderly is on a perpetual upward growth as the baby boomers reach retirement age. The focus of this impact is in my community of Alexandria which is in central Louisiana in Rapides Parish. In addition, the impact on health care costs and services to this community, the major issues the population faces, and the steps being taken to ease impact of issue is the focus.

Impact of aging population
As the aging population is growing, this growth is bringing about drastic changes in society generally. A person’s life expectancy is longer that also increases the incidents of chronic diseases, disability, and the need for long-term health care. In addition, retiree migration patterns are changing which affects hospital services. Issues like the financial costs of managing chronic diseases and funding public health insurance (such as Medicare) are becoming a major concern. These concerns are even more evident as baby boomers are reaching retirement age.
The aging of baby boomers will spark off transformations in what is necessary to care for the elderly. There will be an increased need for doctors, especially those who specialize in various chronic diseases. Impatient and outpatient services for medical procedures and test will also be necessary to meet the increased population. Pharmacies’ roles in patient care will also change as new medications become available that treat chronic diseases. Changes in home care, long-term care, and community resources will have to increase because of the demand of care for the elderly (Carbine, 2008).
Another impact that the increased elderly population will have is on the health care professionals who care for them. A nursing shortage is...