Individualism and social systems helped demonstrated the Christians call to work for social justice because it emphasize freedom, and Borg said that freedom is one of God gifts. He emphasized that individualism is responsible for our personal well-being in life to make an individual effort in society; the quality of our well-being will result by how responsible we take our opportunities, but of course none of us are are self-made because we are also product of many other things that is beyond our control. For example, the quality of education we receive, genetic inheritance, and our family upbringing. He says that by thinking that we are the primary product individual effort is to ignore the circumstances that are shapes our lives and that is just like how the Israeli people ignore the circumstances of living in an environment where they live with a separation barrier between the West Bank and Israel.
According to the Israeli authorities the fence/wall is "a defensive measure, designed to block the passage of terrorists, weapons and explosives into the State of Israel...." Borg says that social systems can be oppressive and are factors that can deeply affect people’s lives. By having a fence/wall built between the West Bank and Israel does indeed deeply affect the people that live there because they cannot live there lives in peace without the constance worry for their safety or for their children’s safety. This wall shows the negative impact of social systems on human lives than of individual effort.