Israel-Plo: Negotiations on an Agreement to Establish a Palestinian Independent State.

Negotiation Strategy Final Paper

Israel-PLO: negotiations on an agreement to establish a Palestinian
Independent state.

The violence of the first Intifada broke out in 1987, which has been represented by a series of Palestinian attacks organized against the Israeli army and against the civil.                                                                                                             In the beginning of the 1990’s, in Israel a new era began for Jews and Arabs. After years of humiliation and frustration for the Arabs, the exhaustion of continuous attacks and the endless violence towards the Jewish population, secret talks occurred between Israel and the Palestinian Liberation Organization.                                                         In 1993, the Oslo process started as a series of secret negotiations after the Madrid Peace Conference. Before the Madrid summit, which did not led to concrete agreements, all negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Liberation Organisation were meetings that were taking place in secret. At the end of the Madrid conference, an idea of hope emerged for the all the participants. In 1991, the Israeli minister Yitzhak Shamir declared, “(w)ith an open heart, we call on the Arab leaders to take the courageous step and respond to our outstretched hand in peace”.
The First Oslo Accord was also known as the Declaration of Principles (DOP) which began, by a mutual recognition of their legitimate and political rights. The main point of the Oslo Accords was to establish a just and lasting peace. The objective of this declaration was the gradual transfer of...