Isadora Duncan

Isadora Duncan Biography

Isadora Duncan was born in San Francisco, California on May 27, 1877. She was a skilled dancer beginning at a very young age. Her family could tell she was born with a gift and appreciated her talent. Some could say she was ahead of her time because her art form of dance was not received well in America. In her teenage years, however, Isadora and her family moved to Europe where she was suddenly seen as the skilled dancer that she was.   With the financial support of her stepfather, Isadora founded Schools of Duncan Dance in France and Germany. Isadora‚Äôs name became famous worldwide. Tragically, Isadora Duncan died on September 14, 1927 in France. She was always known for being a great admirer of scarves. On that frightful day, she wore a scarf that was long enough to trail behind her. As she took her seat in her convertible after leaving a promenade in Paris, she was destined to return to her hotel. Neither she nor the driver noticed that one of the loose ends fell outside over the side of the car and was caught in the rear wheel of vehicle. The driver began driving and once the car was at full speed, the loose end of the scarf spun tightly around the wheel, strangling Isadora Duncan. Her body was ejected from the vehicle and dragged down the street for several yards before the driver even became aware of what had happened. Despite her tragic downfall, Isadora Duncan remains a respective icon of dance.