Who Was Responsible for the Death of King Duncan

Look Carefully at the Characters on the ‘Weird Sisters’, Lady Macbeth and Macbeth. Who is Responsible for Duncan’s Death?

William Shakespeare, a successful playwright, was around in the seventeenth century when James I of England and the VI of Scotland had become King. James’s mother was Mary, Queen of Scots, a lady that in ways resembles the character of Lady Macbeth. Mary was executed by her cousin, and Queen of England, Elizabeth as she tried to plot against her to take power. James also claims descent from Banquo, a main character and good friend of Macbeth’s in the tragedy of Macbeth.

Also, Shakespeare includes the references to witchcraft in the play using the Weird Sisters as a good example. All this shows Shakespeare gave some good references to England at the time. There are three main suspects that could be at least partly responsible for Duncan’s death; Macbeth, Lady Macbeth and the Witches otherwise known as The Weird Sisters. Having said this, I think that the possibility of taking one of these characters out of the play would ultimately end in King Duncan not being murdered.

The Witches are ever present in Macbeth’s mind mostly when he is going mad! The Witches do not feature in every scene but they seem omnipresent. They set the tone for the play by opening it and they start Macbeth’s ambition to become King.

The Witches become very interesting using pathetic fallacy when we see them and their appearance and language used is very eye catching and unusual. The Witches language is very different, which in turn separates them from all other characters and Shakespeare summed up a typical view of what they were like at the time. They too, speak in riddles, which makes Macbeth’s ambition to drive on and creates a good effect with the reader.

The Witches quickly gain the trust of Macbeth with the prophecies they give. This makes Macbeth dependent, weak and obsessive. Macbeth says: ‘‘Stay, you imperfect speakers tell me more’’ (I.iii.73.) This...