Immigration Laws

immigrants terror threats the U.S

After the Boston bomb attack on April 15, 2013, the spotlight circled intensely around illegal immigration. Many Americans began to question the security about the immigration law, because the sudden attack made the Americans more terrified and more paranoid. Nearly every year one million new illegal immigrants enter the United States, and the considerations for a stricter immigration law splits the Americans to different sides.
The Republicans are strongly split by the opinions around this topic and what is most tactical for the election in 2016, but the Republicans are standing by their words "Our duty is to represent the people that are here, the people whose parents fought the wars and made America great first.” “And even though we have sympathy for the people who want to come here — and even those who've been here a long time illegally, we have sympathy for them — we need to be sure that what we do does not place our workers, our people who need jobs, at an adverse advantage.” Says Marco Rubio (Florida) April 16 2013.
The focus on the immigration also brought up the 9/11 attacks in 2001 where 19 hijackers attacked United States. A lot of security got increased after the terrifying incident, although only 3 of the 19 were illegal immigrants. Most of them had entered the US by tourists visa 4-5 months. Taking that into consideration, making immigration law and security stricter would have no value because we can’t blame the security border, therefore, making it safer will only cost us more. If a person is determined to get to U.S and terror our population, they will find a way no matter what, even if we make it harder for them to do so.
There will always be an unequal balance between immigration, some people take advantages over the U.S system, and it’s something that’ll always be there. But the Pro is right we have to make sure our people feel safe in their own home country, but it doesn’t mean we have to...