Is Man Good or Evil

Joshua Foster-Mueller

In the novel Lord of the Flies William Golding debates the true nature of man. Golding clearly expresses his opinion that truly man is evil. In his writing he portrays the evil of man when left in the right circumstances. He believes that although sometimes man can be good are true evil nature will always come through eventually.

Although Golding has a strong point, many people insist that humans aren’t evil but just make mistakes. And what about all of the good things that humans do for each other such as volunteering, donating to charities and civil service. Some people even dedicate their life to not being evil such as Gandhi or Martin Luther King Jr. although these men did change the world they were both killed without personally completing their movement. However there are many examples to support Golding’s point of view because evil has existed since the beginning of human documentation through wars, human sacrifice, torture, rape and many other examples. Examples of human evil still even exist today   such as serial killers and rapists.So even though sometimes there is good in the world evil always presides and that is the point Golding tries to make. However what defines good and evil, where is the line to be drawn and who draws it, but no matter what when man is degraded to his very core evil starts to show, even in the best of us.

Paragraph 1
Talk about what has created our definition of good and evil today how it’s influenced how it was
created and how it’s different around the world and why
Relate to Chinese views Buddhist views and then state why these views are like they are today and that this is how it effects our view on good and evil

Adolf Hitler chancellor of Germany from 1933 to 1945 was one of the most evil men in recent history and shows that when man is in the right conditions their true evil shows through. However often Hitler is thought of as an extremist and this is not the case. Hitler is held...