The Nature of Good vs. Evil in Hawthorne’s World

The Nature of Good vs. Evil in Hawthorne’s world
      In today’s modern society, the nature of Good versus Evil is very differently. The forces or good versus evil is based on the environment an individual is born into or do certain factors 7predetermined whether that individual will be good or evil. The forces of good and evil is expressed in books, movies, television programs, etc., but Nathanial Hawthorne; being a descendant of the puritan of John Winthrop expressed the nature of good versus evil is evident in everyone, and he expressed that facts in three stories which are; “Young Goodman Brown”, “ My Kinsman, Major Molineux”, and “Rappaccini’s Daughter”. Each of these stories have expressed deeply that the forces of Good Versus Evil is present in everyone and certain forces can predetermined that.
        Firstly, Hawthorne have expressed the nature of good versus evil in in “Young Goodman Brown”; is about a young man being of Christian faith leaves his wife who wears pink ribbons within her hair; name is faith which express is symbolic to being of clarity and the strength of the household. Goodman goes out on a ‘religious’ journey into the woods; but instead it was a journey to meet the devil in disguise of an old man to test his Christian faith. After meeting with his traveling companion Goodman had trouble deciding whether he continues on his journey or go back home to his wife faith, for example when Young Goodman brown met his old companion in the woods; the old man point out that he was late and Goodman replied: “Faith kept me back awhile…” (Hawthorne 1164). Hawthorne have expressed that the old man/the devil might be truly be the quintessence of the darkness that might be buried deep within Goodman Brown. after traveling for a while; Goodman brown came upon a satanic gathering, where all of the citizens of his village was there to worship the devil; after trying to resist the temptation of the devil, he threw away his Christian faith and join the...