Is Communication the Most Important Skill for a Ta?

I think that communication is the most important parts of the teaching assistant role.
Without communication a TA would not be able to carry out their role competently or successfully.
For instance, a TA must be able to follow the teacher’s plans, support the teacher, the children, other staff in the school and parents, give feedback to the teacher, assess children’s work, maintain pupils records, plan activities with the teacher and follow school policies.
None of this is possible without good communication skills.  
A TA has to communicate with many different people every day. These people will include the children and room teacher but also the head teacher, parents, colleagues (other teachers, TA’s), SENCO and professionals from outside agencies such as educational psychologists, physiotherapists, social workers etc.
This means that the TA has to be aware of and adapt their speech to the listener every time but also has to display the correct body language and show that they are listening to what the other person has to say. This creates a trust between the TA and the person they are talking to which in turn makes the TA invaluable (especially to the teacher when they give instructions or change a lesson plan at the last minute!!).
When speaking to the children the TA has to listen and show the child that they are listening and
what they are saying is being valued. There must be a respectful, professional relationship created
between the child and the TA. If they enjoy being with you they will respond better.
The basis of forming a relationship with children is to consider what their needs may be and to adapt
the way in which you work to meet these needs to suit the age or stage of development. You need to
make sure that children are always able to turn to someone when they are upset, disappointed or
dealing with problems. They need familiar, friendly and supported faces. This means you need to be a
good listener.
TA’s must adapt their speech...