Ioc and the "Olympics"

´╗┐The term "Olympics" has been around since the year of 1952 and it is recognized worldwider. The surreptitiously branded and owned term has implications that both could have negative and positive outcome. Int he public eye, the Olympics is portrayed in a positive way however, what the public does not see are the negative and legal issues surrounding the term "Olympics". The IOC has the word "Olympics" privately owned which means a lot of things. No other company or business are allowed to have the word in any of their advertisements or campaigns. The only way businesses and companies are permitted to use the term "Olympics"   in anything is to sponsor the Olympics. Why pay for the rights to have the word "Olympics" in your advertisements? Well the sponsors would get publicily announced during the events and they have the opportunity to be discovered by the tourists coming in. These rules and regulations are a great way to fund for the "Olympics" but there is always a downside to something good.

The IOC goes to extreme measures to have complete control over the term "Olympics". The IOC have become protective toward the ownership of the term "Olympics" and are enforcing it heavily. In some cases, even similar words, phrases or even logo's are not permitted by the IOC and willl force a company or business to change the name. For example, a restaurant named "Olympia" that has been around for several years would be forced to change their name when the Olmypics come to the city. That is how powerful the IOC are.