Intro to Busn

Chapter One
Business Now: Change Is the Only Constant

Review Questions
      1. What factors contribute to the rapid pace of change in business? Is the pace likely to accelerate or decrease over the next decade? Why?
    Obviously, the factors that contribute to the rapid pace of change in business directly relate to the rate of change concerning the factors themselves.   As stated in the first Power Point presentation for chapter one, the last decade has brought changes ranging from the changing players, how demand has changed, and the ways we go about making consumer purchases.   For example, as technology increases, so does, not only the marketing of technology, but the way in which we market technology itself.   This technological advancement has made it possible for the market to show positive trends with new companies and negative trends with older companies.   It is also important to note the Federal changes post 2008 fiscal crisis.   As focuses on Job creation, new forms of energy, and rebuilding the infrastructure emerge, provisions such as enforceable contracts, lowering corporate corruption, along with empowering the entrepreneur spirit will idealistically catalyze a chain reaction for fiscal improvement.   A new focus on ethics and social responsibility is likely to be a key factor in redefining the role and operations of business in society.  
    It is also important to acknowledge the current factors in the business landscape that are currently re-defining the way business is done, such as the economy, the competitive environment, the technological environment, as mentioned above, the social equation, and finally the global environment, or, the big picture.   While the economy is in peril, both nationally and internationally, both China and India have been able to maintain growth and are ultimately able to do what it will take for any business to “make it” and that is to find a way to actually capitalize on the state of the current global...