International Marketing Communication

Table of Contents
1.0 Introduction 2

2.0   Modified Integrated Marketing Communication Objectives 2

3.0   Modified Creative Strategy Statement 3

  3.1   Creative Strategy Statement 3

  3.2   Advertising appeal 3

  3.2.1   Informational/ Rational appeal and Combination of rational and emotional appeal 3

  3.2.2   Emotional appeal 4

  3.3   Executional Techiniques 4

  3.3.1   Straight-sell or factual message 4

  3.3.2   Demonstration 4

4.0   The Marketing Communication Functions for ‘BabyOwn’ 5

  4.1   Advertising 5

  4.1.2   Print Advertisements 5

  4.2   Sales Promotion 8

  4.2.1   Premiums 8

  4.2.2   Refunds and rebates (Discount) 9

  4.3   Internet Marketing 9

5.0 Conclusion 12

  5.1 Budget summary 12

  6.0 Evaluation of IMC programme 13

  6.1 Inquiry testing 13

  7.0 Recommendations 13

1.0 Introduction

      The purpose of this plan is to provide an insight into the integrated marketing communication campaign of BabyOwn., a modern lightweight stroller. This plan intends to create awareness and interest among consumers. This plan is also carry out to instill favorable attitudes and to provide information to customers who intend to purchase a lightweight and modernized baby stroller. Our stroller possesses safety and comfort for the infants and at the same time look sophisticated. Our special feature of the product such as goose feather interior costumes, lightweight U-PVC chassis and reduced-friction-wheel enable the smoothest movement. Since it is a premium stroller, our primary target is the Generation-X consumers aged between 32 and 45 with a stable income. They may not be earning much but they are capable of purchasing our stroller. The majority of this target segment comprises of young married or is at their early stage of parenthood. The geographic location target for the MC campaign of BabyOwn is at the shopping complexes in the city centre due to the higher population density. In...