International Marketing

International Marketing Strategy

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Marketing Department
Management School
Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade

      Course description

Course title: 国际营销策略
            International Marketing Strategy

Pre-requisites: Principles of Marketing

Students: Marketing major
Textbook: International Marketing Strategy, Ivey Publishing

  I. Course introduction
Cases are an attempt to introduce real-world complexities into the classroom. They are not perfect tools by any means, but the case approach does allow the student of marketing vicarious experience in analyzing and dealing with marketing problems. The analysis, coupled with synthesis of professional “pearls” and comments of other students made in the class, offers the student the best chance of understanding the forces that impact on real marketing decisions.

Competent case teaching, like student skills in case analysis, can only be developed through experience. Case teaching is a skill. Like other skills, such as skiing, tennis, etc., reading about how to do it cannot do justice to the actual experience. Case teaching simply cannot be reduced to a series of notes. It is an interpersonal process that must be experienced—you must learn by doing it. This does not mean that reading bout a subject cannot help in learning about it. Indeed, reading that one must keep the wrist stiff in tennis certainly can help when one does start to play.

A dedication to the learning process is important. Above all else, the instructor must be perceived as interested in learning as well as in teaching. This sets the tone for the class and raises the expectations of each student. The students must be rewarded by the instructor and by their peers for seeking to develop skills.

A climate of interpersonal trust should exist in the classroom. A degree of deference must be held for each student’s opinion. Early in any term there is a reluctance by...