International Legal and Ethical Issues

International Legal and Ethical Issues
Denise Thomas
June 23, 2014
Neha Bhatia

Legal Issue
      When conducting business internationally there are several things companies must consider and be aware of. Companies must know and understand the locals laws, international laws, any cultural differences and if there are any political issues going on in the country business will be taking place. When doing business internationally it is important to know the international business laws to help ensure that any contract or agreements are enforceable. Understanding any political issues that may be going on is important because it will give you an insight on how well the government is doing as well as what the government is working on and if there could be any problems that will hold your company back from doing business there.
Since laws are different across the world it is important to not only understand the local laws in which you will be doing business, but also any international laws you may not be aware of.   You will want to have good communication with the company you will be doing business with because if a problem arises you need to make communication and make sure all parties understand the problem and the best approach to solving the problem. If you fail to have proper communication and understanding you may jeopardize any future business your company or any other company will have with the other country.
Legal Action
A good decision for a binding contract between the two businesses would be the Contract for the International Sale of Goods, UNCISG is a contract mainly for merchants and it governs transactions between any of its 63 member countries (Melvin, 2011). The UNCISG allows business to negotiate the terms of the contract over various contract items and also gives the businesses an international arbitrator to help when any issues occur with the contract. If CadMex enters into a contract with Gentura an international arbitrator...