Legal and Ethical Report

Legal and Ethical report
As with anyone who works in the media industry and any other industry there are legal and ethical issues and barriers in which you have to overcome or keep clear of to enable a good working life within the industry. The reason for legal and ethical is to maintain equal rights of anyone working or involved in the media.
When you are working in the media, you have to consider health and safety and study it in depth to enable a smooth production.
The HSE (Health and safety executive) are an independent company that make rules and regulations that every business has to stick to reduced work related accidents and in severe cases death. The legislation covers stunts, animals, crowds and electrical safety.
Unfortunately HSE don’t always provide regulations for the leisure and entertainment industry. This is because the local authority normally deals with events.

There are two laws in which any company have to take into account when working on other people’s lives. These are; Libel and Defamation.
Defamation- This is a statement or claim that gives people a negative image of a company, organisation or individual. Defamation can only be used if the statement is false, or not proven to be the truth. It also has to be said to people other than the person being defamed. Libel law is the broadcast or publicised defamatory statement. An example of the both laws would be the Kerry Katona case.
The Sunday mirror claimed she was a prostitute before becoming famous. The article included Kerry’s mum and how she was planning to release a book including the sex claims. After taking the Sunday mirror to court to sue for defamation the paper admitted the story to not be accurate.

Filming in public
Anyone person or company have to be aware of the rights to film in public, there are some places which are controlled by local councils and therefore may be out of bounds to film in. If you don’t have permissions to film in any place in the public...