Installation Art

The definition of installation art is an artist that works three dimensional art pieces intended to alter the perception of space. Community art is a type of art that can work with any genre, but is created or based in the community setting, location or place. This essay will discuss the installation artworks of the British artist Luke Jerram. The particular installation chosen is known as “Just Sometimes”and was created as a temporary display for the Rotterdam Witte De With Festival in the Netherlands. This festival was held for three days in September 2010. Luke Jerram is an international artist with various pieces of art placed throughout the world. His works range from sculptures and live art to installations incorporating light, sound, gravity of the moon and the interpretation of dreams.
Since 1997, when his professional career began his artworks are said to have been quite extraordinary, and imaginative names have been given to his more popular pieces. For instance, his artwork of “Play Me, I’m Yours” began in 2008. This artwork consisted of street pianos being placed variously throughout the great cities of the world and people playing them for free. Another artwork widely known is the “Sky Orchestra” which occurred in Sydney. The project included seven hot air balloons released into the sky at dawn. The aim of the artwork was for the public to have sculptural experience or to sculpt their dreams on the edge of sleep. Each of the balloons played different elements of music creating a huge audio landscape. The mediums he uses are clear glass, concrete and items you would use everyday around the house or community, such as umbrellas and notebooks. Luke Jerram’s artworks are about things that he is passionate about. Also the fact that he is colour blind and has an interest in science is reflected and mirrored in his artworks.
For the three day festival in Rotterdam, fifteen ideas were presented to the council but out of those they chose “Just Sometimes”....