Inner Journey Texts

Year 11 English
-Inner Journeys-
Folio and Reflection
By Jordan Thompson
  * On the sidewalk bleeding
  * By Evan Hunter
An inner Journey is where you allow for growth and a change of self and an understanding of the lessons that have been learnt occurs as a result. It involves overcoming obstacles and how to deal with challenges that can arise. Inner Journeys are depicted in William Shakespeare’s play Macbeth and Evan Hunters short story “On the sidewalk bleeding” to inform responders that inner journeys are a process of overcoming obstacles to result in a new understanding of self-identity.
Inner journeys are a process of facing challenges. Like Shakespeare’s Macbeth whose masculinity is challenged by his wife in “When you durst do it, then you were a man”. “On the sidewalk bleeding” also explores one man’s journey to self-awareness. Hunter’s use of pathetic fallacy in “The boy lay on the sidewalk bleeding in the rain” confronts the responder with the protagonist, Andy’s, difficult situation and how this inspires his journey of self-reflection. In addition, Hunter’s graphic use of imagery in “the knife … had been drawn across his body violently, tearing a wide gap in his flesh” reflects the unimaginable horror of Andy’s situation. Through this depiction of a boy facing death, Hunter shows responders how inner journeys are facilitated through the most difficult circumstances. Similar to Macbeth, Evan Hunter portrays to the audience just how challenging journeys are and how challenges can halt or aid an individual in discovering their identity.

Inner journeys shape personal identity. Similar to Shakespeare’s use of a metaphor to compare Macbeth’s changed perspective of self to being like a chained bear in “But bear-like I must fight the course.” , Hunter shows the creation of personality through Andy’s realisation of his true identity. Symbolism of the “bright purple jacket” … and the lettering across the back of the jacket “THE ROYALS” reflects Andy’s...