Informative Speech

What was my favorite book?
For my impromptu speech I was asked a question and had to answer it as best as I could on the spot. I was asked what my favorite book was, and I immediately answered the Skeleton Key. I feel as if I did average and by average I mean ok. I thought I answered the question with the best of my knowledge being I haven’t read so many books throughout my lifetime. I believe everything I said was correct in my mind because those were the three reasons behind why that was my favorite book. The three key reasons to why that was my favorite book are, one it was very easy to read being I first read it in the third grade. Second, I enjoyed the overall summary of the book. Last of all, my mother read the book along with me the entire time which I really enjoyed. I don’t think I would change anything I said because those were my main reasons to why that was my favorite book. However, if I could change anything, it would be the way I answered the question. I noticed I used a few filler words such as “um” and “uh” which is not what I should have said. Instead I realized I should of took deep breaths and paused if I lost my train of thought. Also, I should have used more transition words even though the speech was short. To finish, I would have liked to made more eye contact with the entire class while I was speaking instead of mostly just directing my answer to the woman who read me the question. Overall I think I did well, besides the fact that I used the few filler words. Lastly if I could give myself any grade it would be a B minus.