A Brife Disscussion About Degreee of Formality

A   Brife   Disscussion   about     Degreee   of   Formality
several possible relationships between language and society.
          There are several possible relationships between language and society. One is that social structure may either influence or determine linguistic structure or behavior. Certain evidence may be adduced to support this view: the age-grading phenomenon whereby young children speak differently from older children and, in turn, children speak differently from mature adults; studies which show that the varieties of language that speakers use reflect such matters as their regional, social, or ethnic origin and possibly even their sex (or gender); and other studies which show that particular ways of speaking, choices of words, and even rules for conversing are in fact highly determined by certain social requirements.for   example   .who   we   are   talking   with   and   what   we   are talking   about   .
A second possible relationship is directly opposed to the first: linguistic structure or behavior may either influence or determine social structure. This is the view that is behind the Whorfian hypothesis,
A third   possibility is to assume that there is no relationship at all between linguistic structure and social structure and that each is independent of the other. A variant of this possibility would be to say that, although there might be some such relationship, present attempts to characterize it are essentially premature, given what we know about both language and society. Actually, this variant view appears to be the one that Chomsky himself holds: he prefers to develop an asocial linguistics as a preliminary to any other kind of linguistics, such an asocial approach being, in his view, logically prior.
  We must therefore be prepared to look into various aspects of the possible relationships between language and society. It will be quite obvious from doing so that correlational studies must form a significant part of sociolinguistic...