Information Use Paper

In this paper, I am to describe and detail how the information used and the flow at the company I'm employed. The company I work for is a Satellite Entertainment company that provides television for millions for customers. They have a system flow from a potential customer becoming a customer and how to protect that information. The company additionally has concerns for themselves and their customers. The company aim to keep this safe and free from unauthorized users.

At my company customers give their information such as name, address, and social security number to get satellite services. This information is securely taken into our system, and a credit check is completed by our Customer Service Department. Customer Service discusses the customer’s needs in regard to the type of receivers and programming. After customer service has accomplished the customer needs, a service call is set up with a technician to complete the installation.

The customer’s information is used in several different ways from my view. The information is used to activate receivers, troubleshoot, and billing. This information works hand in hand to achieve the goal servicing the customer. For example, a customer is given a receiver to access their services. Each receiver has an access card with a Sim Chip inside. These receivers and access cards are paired together, meaning only a specific card goes with one specific receiver. This card is called a CAM, Conditional Access Module and the Receiver ID code is called a RID. If a customer has an error on the screen because they have lost authorization to the satellite, we send signals up to the satellite from a broadcast center called a CAMC, Conditional Access Management Center. These signals are implanted with authorization codes that tell the CAM how to unlock the signal, and then it reaches the customer’s satellite and to the receiver. Our billing system and the CAMC also work together. For example, when I add a new service to the account,...