Information System Briefing Paper

In this briefing I will explain the process for selecting and acquiring an information

system, however the organization’s goals is to drive the selection of the information system and

the roles that the stakeholders will play in the selection and acquisition process. First of all a

team will have to be selected and this will determine the overall goal of the project and what is

expected to come from the project. Next all team members will need to determine some ways the

project can be completed and when they have decided the implication of the system can begin.

As the organization grows in different areas and as technology improves, we can feel the need

for a new system is very crucial. The stakeholders’ position will play a part in the selection of the

system because it’s important for the organizations goals.

A team of seven members should be assembled; when looking at the backgrounds of the

information system employees you will need at least seven that has five or more years

experience in the information system’s field. Two members of the team should be pick to lead

the operation and allow these two members to look over the rest of the team. After assembling

the team you will need workstation for at least 150 employees. Each member of the team need to

know and be able to setup the system and make sure the workstations are connected and ready to

be introduced to the network. After all the workstations are ready then the servers will need to be

setup and connected to the network. Each day the work of the employees will need to be check to

determine whether the system per workers will need basic or either high end components for

each system to work. This is very important to the organization because you do not want to

spend money unnecessarily. Acquiring a system from another company would be the best thing

to do because most of the companies will offer you a discount when you come to...