Industrial Studies

Existing Design


It’ a combination of coil spring and shock absorber system on a wheel. It has become an independent design, and any road shocks vibrations are absorbed by the chasis, instead of channelling it through to the driver. This meant that, it uses fewer parts than the conventional dampening system, which in turn reduces the weight of the car and fewer elements that could wear out.

The Macpherson strut system itself is a load bearing system, this is because the spring and the shock absorber is opposing each other, where the weight of the car pushes the shock absorber down and the spring coil resist and counters in the other direction; this is what holds the car in place.

|       |Components                     |Materials             |Manufacturing                                                               |
|1.     |Casing Tube                   |ERW tube               |Turning                                                                     |
|2.     |Storage Tube                   |ERW tube               |Turning                                                                     |
|3.     |Working Cylinder               |CRW tube               |Turning                                                                     |
|4.     |Piston Rod                     |ENB bright             |Turning                                                                     |
|       |                               |bar                   |                                                                           |
|5.     |Valves                         |Spring steel           |Stamping                                                                   |
|6.     |Piston                         |Cast aluminium         |Rolling                                                                     |
|7       |Coil Spring                   |Low alloy,medium       |CNC Machining                                                               |
|       |...