Individual Assignment

Critique and Revision – Assignment 4
Jeremy Turner
August 15, 2011

One of my favorite snacks I like to make is candied almonds.   They are very simple and easy to make and the cinnamon aroma that is emitted makes even those that don’t indulge in nuts to double take.   The ingredients only calls for 4 ingredients and by the time you are done you will have made quality homemade candied almonds.   While the recipe is very simple on paper, it took several times of interpreting the instructions before I was able to fully perfect it.   The problem is, the instructions are too vague and leaves much room for improvement.  
One of the criteria’s that one must consider when writing technical instructions is the audience in which will be written to.   The recipe calls for 4 common ingredients.   Even though the recipe does not call for many ingredients, it can be considered a bit of a challenge when trying to first complete this item.   The recipes to the Candied Almonds are listed below in its entirety.   The directions have a few shortcuts that unfortunately leaves room for interpretation.   According to the text, usually people that purchase items already have a basic knowledge of how it works or how to assemble it.   While this recipe does meet the minimum requirements, the instructions its self could be written with a little more description and graphics for each step.
Under the ingredients, it mentions the quantity needed to properly make the dish.   The recipe calls for 2 cups of whole almonds.   The term “whole” can be interpreted many ways.   There are several types of almonds and the term “whole” is too vague.   The proper terms should be something more specific such as “raw” or “unsalted.”   When I prepare to cook this dish, I purchase raw almonds so that way I can feel more in control of how they will turn out.   Under the directions, the format in which it was written is in a form of a paragraph.   Each sentence should ultimately be separated into numerical steps or...