Indian Civilization


      The American Indians have a very special relation with the nature, his house and his gods, and they venerate everything, what exists in the ground (Animals, plants, rocks, air, etc.) and out of her (stars, the Sun, moon, etc.).

      Our objective is to relate the education and the credence of the American Indians to the nature, taking as example the Sioux.

                                                        Picture 1. Indian’s hunters.

      All the American Indians lived in harmony and balance with the nature for 20000 years. His ideal was to take of the nature the just and necessary thing for his survival, only satisfying his basic needs. They were looking for a sustainable development of the ecosystems. When the development of the resources of a zone was excessive, they moved allowing the regeneration of the affected zone.

      The Sioux are the set of Indian American peoples, belonging from same linguistic family of the same name, which they were living in the big flatness of the centre of North America, in the Atlantic region and in the low Mississippi.

          Picture 2. Woman fishing.

      Apparently the peoples Sioux were established, before arrival of the Europeans, in the region of the rivers Ohio, Illinois and high Mississippi. They emigrated towards Occident in four waves, which determined deep linguistic differences, accentuated by the existing separation between the tribes of the Atlantic Ocean and those of the Mississippi.
            Picture 3. Indian’s cemetery.

      The Sioux were practising the agriculture, but they were modifying his genre of life adopting that of the nomadic hunters; first they practised the hunting with help of the dogs and then they learned to mount the horses.

      They were exiled and annihilated in his great majority during good part of the XIXth century by the white colonists.

      Picture 4. Sioux distribution.