India Shining from the Ground


Education of the Dalit has received lot of attention in India. However the form and content of education has continued to be more or less same. They are among the most socially & educationally disadvantaged group in India. Our observation revels that only education can change the present status of a Dalit in India. The BOH Saharanpur, is   on its mission to bring about such changes in the life of the Dalit children & make them Responsible citizens of India.

Responsibility is duty towards someone or something. Responsibility means taking care. This story is about two young girls who fulfils their responsibilities cheerfully. When asked what they want most for their children, parents generally say that they first want them to be good human beings.

If we want children to possess the values we admire, we need to teach them those values. In the life of Neelam & Poonam their circumstances and Bridge of Hope played a great role in the transformation of their life. Their story reveals the emphasizes of value, such as truth, courage, determination, responsibility, peace and freedom. In a world filled with materialism and violence, children will be encouraged to hold their own morally and like Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. they will be able to win many a moral victory.

Recalling the days when both of this girls got admitted into the project in year 2005, they looked shabby and unhygienic as if coming out directly from coal field. The younger one Neelam had a running nose and was constantly wiping it in her hand, dress. Their old ragged clothes & unwashed face revealed their living condition before us.

This two children’s were stinking with a body odor a mixture of smoke and mustard oil. Both the sister were dressed in a boys outfit, so was their hair cut. It took us time to change their habits and make them hygienic in their bearing.

Since these two girls were from a poor Dalit background, they had to face lots of...