Global Staffing


Global Staffing Paper
Staci K. Wall
University of Phoenix

Global Staffing Introduction
      The following essay will summarize and explain a comprehensive staffing strategy for a company that expanded into an oversea market.   Businesses have many challenges and opportunities as they expand into international markets.   This global research essay will outline the challenges that companies are faced while expanding their business overseas.   Specifically, I am going to outline Target Corporation and the challenges they faced when they expanded their business into India and how business is doing today.   Key points of interest will be: industry type, cultural challenges and differences, human resources challenges, recruitment and selection, and how they aligned their organizational structure to make the expansion a success.
      When businesses decide to expand, critical factors are discussed and carefully evaluated to ensure that the organization has the means to survive in the recommended new location.   Many of these decisions that executives are faced with are decisions that will affect employees, shareholders, financial assets, and there reputation.   Creating and implementing an efficient staffing strategy is crucial to maintain organizational effectiveness when acquiring another organization.
Type of Industry
      “The first Target store opened in 1962, the company's roots go back to 1881.   Target set the standard for a new kind of store that offers both quality and low prices.   Target has employed smart technology to help set retail trends, initiating ideas that have made our guests’ shopping experiences more enjoyable.   Today, Target is one of the most respected retail brands in the U.S. Target has over 1,700 stores.   They are clean, welcoming and intuitive to shop, with related departments conveniently placed next to each other.   More than 350,000 team members serve 50 million guests (Target, 2010).”...