India Household Cleaning Industry Anticipated to Grow with a Cagr of 22.74% in the Next Five Years: Bonafide Research

Improved living standards, growing awareness regarding home cleanliness & sanitation, sophisticated homes and surfaces, the need for disinfection coupled with the frequent outbreaks of infectious disease are the factors driving the household cleaning market in India.

    The organized household cleaning market in India is mainly split into three broad categories viz. utensil cleaners, toilet cleaners and surface cleaners. Utensil cleaners are further split into dishwashing bar, liquid, powder and pastes. Toilet cleaners consist of liquid cleaners, in-cisterns & rim blocks whereas surface cleaners are split into floor cleaner, specialized and multipurpose cleaners. The specialized cleaners are further split, based on their application areas.

    According to recently published report of Bonafide Research “India Household Cleaning Market Outlook, 2021”, household cleaning market is expected to grow with a CAGR of 22.74% in the next five years. Toilet cleaners will grow with highest compounded annual growth rate because of growing sanitation awareness and number of toilets in the country. India is on its way of becoming free from ‘open-defecation’ by 2019 which will provide toilet cleaning manufacturers a huge consumer base. Surface cleaning was previously done with plain water or phenyls in India. However, with more and more women working there was the need for a contemporary product for cleaning surfaces more effectively. So far, proxy products like dish wash bars and liquids were also being used for this work but they are now getting replaced by branded floor cleaners. On the other hand, utensil cleaning category has already evolved in the past few years and manufacturers are now trying to increase the per capita consumption.

    Growing awareness regarding home cleanliness and the need for disinfection is expected to fuel the demand for household cleaning products. Moreover, increase in disposable income coupled with rising focus on child...