Inclusion Rather Than Diversity

The legal profession is currently under siege by stressors challenging the paradigm of success that has been the touchstone of lawyers for generations.   Technology is a major change agent disrupting the status quo.   It also is putting a spotlight on diversity and inclusion in the legal profession. I personally prefer the word inclusion rather than diversity.   The difference between diversity and inclusion is the difference between being invited to the dinner party and being allowed to eat at the table—and even participate in after-dinner drinks.   We may have achieved diverse representation of women and minorities in law schools and at the early stages of legal careers, but we know that representation at the top of organizations does not include women and minorities in a proportion relative to the general population.
The most important things to look for in an attorney are experience, reputation and dedication. It won't matter where your attorney is from if they are lacking in these areas. For the pros and cons, let's assume that whomever you might consider possesses these talents abundantly. There are certain items that a lawyer should bring with them when leaving town to be prepared at any moment. Personal laptops being the highest cost of these, is the most important to a lawyer. This item could cost as little as 500.00 or up to 2000.00 depending on what it is used for and what is put on them. Smart phone of some kind and a tablet would be a good idea also. Some plans are unlimited here in Florida and therefore would only cost an amount of 50-60.00 a month. The cost would be 200.00 for the phone and approximately 450.00 for a good tablet. The Apple companies are good ones to go with if you don’t mind them using their own operating system because they usually have their own to go with.
There are certain things a law office in general should have in their operating system in the office and for when a lawyer leaves town. Things such as Antivirus and Malware...