In Country Analysis


In the book, In Country, Sam initially had a rather “sanitized” idea about war, forged largely from knowledge she gleaned from her uncle Emmett, her own imagination and television shows like M*A*S*H. Then she read her father’s letters and gained a better understanding of the realities of military service. The Vietnam War, like all wars, was complex and far-reaching in its effects, causing physical and mental illnesses in soldiers, and posing significant challenges for their families and communities. Write an essay exploring the human costs of war and the responsibility of all citizens to minimize those costs. Cite (using APA or MLA format) specific examples from the book, speaker(s), personal interviews, and class discussions that illustrate these costs and make the case for responsible citizenship. The intended audience for your essay is college faculty who are unacquainted with the book.
Talking points are items for you to consider as you write your paper. Use these as well as your own ideas to address the purpose outlined above.
• The “human costs of war” cut across many domains of life and academic disciplines or areas of study, for example, health, psychology, sociology, social policy, economics, politics, and spirituality. Think broadly about how these domains and disciplines are involved in the problem of war.
• hIdentify the physical injuries and illnesses that military personnel might suffer as a result of their service.
• hIdentify the mental-health problems that sometimes develop as a result of military service (e.g., post-traumatic stress disorder, depression).
• hThink about how the dreadful consequences of war might be minimized. Are there changes in political/social policy that might be made? Are reforms needed in Veterans Administration services? Is advocacy needed for issues that are being overlooked or underfunded?
• cWhat is the duty/responsibility of citizens...