Important Places

Farah 1
Mustafa A. Farah
Professor Lance Davis
Writ 131
28 January 2010
I have experienced many things in my child hood, some good and some bad but those experiences are what made me who I am today. We were chased out of our country and had to flee for our lives. This event was the most memorable experience because of the things I have seen and what I have learned. This particular event took place in Somalia and went on to Kenya. We had traveled long paths and witnessed many miss fortunes but in the end were satisfied with our outcome. In this paper I am going to talk about the different events that took place on this journey as well as Utango a city in Kenya. This experience had taught me a lot about life at a very young age.
My family and I had moved from the civil war in Somalia to Utango. We needed a new start and Utango seemed like a good place for that. The journey was one of the hardest and life threatening journeys we had went through. My family and I almost died, and it was not just once but numerous times. We took off from Somalia on foot because at the time cars were occupied by war lords and used for caring guns and explosives. We walked for days in the middle of nowhere and slept under trees. Our only means for food were found on trees and water dug up from the ground. We had to hide from both the Somalia’s war lords and the Kenyan border patrol because we Somalis were not allowed
Farah 2
to get into some parts of Kenya at the time. My family had friends that lived in Kenya and so they had called them before we left Mogadishu to let them know we were coming, and so they sent some people over to the border of where many Somalis traveled together. After twenty days on the road we were very hungry tired and sick. Four of my family members had died to dehydration and malaria. About a hundred people out of the four hundred died on the trip.
When we were finally in Kenya, people who had come to take us had brought buses. The people...