The rise of imperialism in Africa began in the 1880’s and had continues into the twentieth century. The Europeans occupied 80 percent of the world with their colonial possessions around the year 1914. The European’s quest for Africa is what is documented as the “rise of the new imperialism.”

        Africa was essentially unfamiliar to the Europeans and Africa was colonized by being defeated from one of the continent to the other side. The Europeans began to spread and expanded to the south from Egypt and established themselves by around 1875. The Europeans had gained their control of Africa by the year 1882 as they began moving north from Cape Colony in Africa.

        The effects of imperialism had a strong affect in Africa.   The African people felt this impact most of all in a very negative way. The Europeans took advantage of Africa’s labor and turned it into horrendous working state, dishonorable human rights, and spiraling taxes. African people became very offended and angry by the intrusion of European language and laws that   were subjected to them.   The African people had to fight to save their land, languages, and their beliefs from the Europeans taking control and opposing massive change upon them. European settlers were beginning to take land from the African people which led to wars with the Europeans which were usually unsuccessful.

        A nonviolent revolution is that of the Orange Revolute in the Ukraine. The people of the Ukraine which were under the control of Russia, even though the Soviet Union had ended. The people of Ukraine saw that during President Elections that Russia would continue control over them through what many people believed was a staged election. The Ukraine people began to protest in a peaceful manner opposing to this control over them. The Ukraine citizens began protesting in the streets while wearing the color orange and demanding for a new election to take place. This method of pretesting lasted for a...