Imperial Power in the 1890s

In the late 1890’s the U.S. had a change in presidency, but that was not the only thing that had changed. The United States had changed Presidents from Grover Cleveland, who did not want to be involved in foreign policy, to William McKinley, who was very aggressive oversees. That aggressiveness lead to economic growth and America become a world leader. The new America wanting to control new countries, become a major player in oversees market, and the Spanish American war lead to America becoming an imperial power, all thanks to the new president.
Taking possession of countries was something that had to be done for the United States to become a world leader. But, William McKinley thought this was necessary, and he was correct. This act took much courage because he pursued countries in a time when America was used to not being active in controlling land. The popular president Grover Cleveland did not believe in being active in controlling new land. In the time period of President McKinley we had gained control of Cuba, the Philippines, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. We had gained this land in a small war with Spain. Also, in this time period the United States had armed interventions in China, Mexico, Haiti, and Nicaragua. Going to war with a country expresses even more the desire of the new president and the whole country to become a world power. As a result of all this expansion the United States had a voice oversees markets.
The emergence of The States as a big player in Asia and Latin America was related to the remarkable growth of the American economy. Because of America becoming involved throughout the world businesses were changing from family owned and operated stores to a system of large corporations. The dynamic energy by the United States in foreign policy caused Americans lives to change for the better. But, this does not mean America did not follow the business cycle. After all this time of prosperity the United States did have small recessions....