Impact of Interstellar Material on Colonies

Chapter 1

“The greatest honor comes from living with others in peace.”
Loki, Supreme Command of the TNG Third force

“Status report” – Commander Birdington

“All stations are reporting every thing quite.   Ore production is at 100%.   Estimated completion of the gas well is 4 hours.” – Luietanat Commander Overton

“Very well.   Have our security forces begin a training exercise.   We will simulate an attack with 7 armored mechs, 50 marines, and orbital bombardment.” – Commander Birdington

“Sir, with all due respect, no one has in the past two hundred years has dared attack the Norse Empire.” – Luietanat Commander Overton

“And the reason for that is because we train our warriors to fight.   If we ever apear to be weak then we become a target.   And since this outpost was just established, we apear to be extremely weak.   I want anyone and everyone who is watching to think otherwise.   Now, begin the drill.” – Commander Birdington

“Yes, sir” – Luietanat Commander Overton

“I will be in my ready room.   Notify me when the drill is complete.” – Commander Birdington

“Yes, sir” – FO

2 hours later

“Commander Overton, I detecting a large object entering the solar system.” – Ensign one

“Elaborate on object ensign.” – LC Overton

“Well sir, approxiamate mass two million tons.” – Ensign one

“What else can you tell about.” – LC Overton

“Nothing.   We can’t get any other readings.   Other than its going to be here in ten minutes” – Ensign One

“Overton to Command Birdington.   We have a situ…” – LC Overton

“Its gone.   We just lost the object from our sensors.” – Ensign One
“What?   How can you lose a 2 million ton object?” – LC Overton

“Overton, whats going on?” – Commander Birdington

“Nothing sir,   it seems we have a sensor malfunction.   The scopes were reporting a two million object entering our system but it has disappeared” – LC Overton

“What? Red Alert! Ready the mechs, scramble the air support.   But the lunar base on full...