Do You Know How to Improve and Adjust Impact Crusher?

Crusher equipment occupies an important position in the market, and with the rapid development of engineer construction, the crushing equipment is in greater and greater demand. Faced with this situation, Fote Machinery keeps improving and adjusting the crushing performance of impact crusher and enhancing its sand rate. Fote Machinery invests a lot of energy and capital in its improvement.

Impact crusher is able to process all kinds of coarse, medium and fine materials whose side length is below 500 mm and compression strength below 350 MPa such as granite, limestone and concrete and it is widely used for the production of artificial sand and stone materials in ore crushing, railway, highway and construction industry. Impact crusher is the latest impact crushing machine researched and manufactured by our company on the basis of absorbing the domestic and foreign advanced technology and combining the actual working condition of domestic sand industry.

In order to improve its crushing performance, Fote Machinery makes some innovations in some aspects. In the aspect of material handling, the material enters machine from feeding mouth and slides downwards along sieve plate. So the materials on screen are crushed by the hard alloy hammer head which is rotating rapidly. Then the materials will get the second crushing by striking impact plate. These materials will be crushed again and again through striking between materials and impact plate and materials. Some materials will be discharged to the second crushing chamber after being crushed to a certain granularity in the first crushing chamber. They will be discharged through discharging mouth after their granularity reaches a certain degree.

Besides, it is very necessary to regulate the impact plate of impact crusher. The impact plate regulating system can be functioned as the overloading protection device of the whole machine, in avoid of some foreign or uncrushable materials entering into crushing chamber and...