Immigration Benefits

Illegal immigration is one of the most significant issues that the United States is currently facing. There are lots of reasons why someone might wish to immigrate to a different country. The most common denominators for many illegal immigrants is the search for better economic opportunities, religious freedom, and the will to survive. As with all causes, there is an effect. Some of the impacts of illegal immigration are the loss of jobs, overpopulation, and mismanagement of federal benefits. First of all, most illegal immigrants come to the United States with the big hope and desire for a better future. I think that could be a premature decision because the current economy have not been stable in awhile. In addition to this, many illegal immigrants come to the United States to be free to express their respective religions. Because the United States allow such practices to take place without consequences, it makes us a viable candidate for such migration to take place. Furthermore, illegal immigrants are coming here for their survival needs and the benefits that the federal government bestow upon them. For those reasons alone, the population of the United States will continue to rise, as more immigrants make their way to our country. On the other hand, I think that citizens of the United States are losing jobs to illegal immigrants. I believe there is a big misconception about American citizens not willing to do the menial jobs that illegal immigrants are willing to take. When in fact, some businesses rather hire illegal immigrants than citizens to avoid paying taxes. As far as federal benefits, in my opinion, the tax paying citizen receives less while putting in more. Consequently, the average lower and middle-class citizen have a harder time receiving benefits versus an illegal immigrant. Also, the United States federal government have been cutting several benefits that were once available to citizens to help with immigration funding.