Imagine Me

YouTube Analysis
Kirk Franklin- Imagine Me
Kirk Franklin's, Imagine Me, is a gospel song where he talks about letting go to those feelings and circumstances that hinder you from being your best self. Franklin's lyrics coincide with the video that he chose to show. From words such as "Imagine me loving what I see
when the mirror looks at me cause I, I imagine me In a place of no insecurities and I'm finally happy cause I imagine me" to "Imagine me being strong and not letting people break me down you won't get that joy this time around can you imagine me? In a world where nobody has to live afraid because of your love, fear's gone away can you imagine me? Letting go of the past and glad I have another chance and my heart will dance 'cause I don't have to read that page again" he tells us a story.  
With his words he narrates the video to this song. This video starts off in a very rainy scene. A mom holding on to her baby on the steps outside of her house, shortly after the husband pulls up in a wheelchair. You can tell that she is unhappy with him, whether because he is never around or because she was left to raise their child on her own. Shortly after, a woman who is in the kitchen with her daughter is taking to her before her husband comes in and beats her as she's doing the dishes and her daughter is watching. Her daughter runs into a dark room and sits in the corner crying holding on to her teddy bear. As she sits there, her father storms in and as she shakes her head no he begins to come closer to the daughter indicating that he will be attempting to harm her as well. Thirdly, a daughter is left to watch her sick mother who is bed written in their home. The mother feels awful and says to her daughter that she is sorry for being ill.  
The next scene goes into the mom, woman and daughter, and he ill woman with the daughter crying. These individuals are sad and upset. They look like they are in a lot of pain and searching for a way to feel better.