Iep Project


Appropriate Instruction and Planning: IEP Project
Maria Paradas
Barry University
ESE 690 Curriculum Design in Exceptional Student Education
Dr. Susan Hildenbrand
Learning about the IEP project was a little bit overwhelming because it was a new experience that I was going to be facing. I tried to write everything down in each class to have as much information as possible to complete my tasks. After several classes passed by I felt more confident. The professor introduced one or more topics per class which made the process smooth and easy. She explained what it was, how it was useful and how to do it, sometimes she even gave us examples or made examples with us in the classroom. Each night I would go home and started that part of the project making these steps easier with the information learned.
      Even though it was a multi stepped project it felt like a smooth process. This was because good pacification of the professor, her reminders in every class, her positive attitude about questions and doubts and many others. I have to add also that as she said in many class the responsibility as the student to do it throughout the semester and get it done before the last day was a key component of it. I loved her dedication and being willing to correct them as many times as we submitted it.
      I can conclude that I learned a lot in the process of this project. I can explain in detail every step for an IEP. I experienced the process of making it and being just right for each student. Being detectives when the student’s descriptions are not explanatories makes you go even further. Sharing, comparing and discussing with your classmates or colleagues are great in this process because everyone look at situations in a different way. I loved this experience and I don’t have any critiques. But if one day it could be modified a bit, it would be nice if students make one of the students as a group...