I Want to Learn How to....

Objective: Write creatively using well-chosen details.
Creative Corner 1.11                                                               Havanna Nguyen
                                                    “I want to learn how to…”
There are many things I would like to learn but the thing I would like to learn most is sign- language. Sign- language is an official language used by the hearing and speech impaired to communicate with others. If I learn how to sign, I will be able to understand and converse with people who have hearing and speech impairment in the near future.
To begin, I would like to be able to comprehend and interconnect with the deaf and people who cannot speak. So far, in my lifetime, I’ve met and seen many people with hearing and speech impairments but I cannot seem to exchange words with them. Sign- language would be a spectacular way to converse with others, who have impairments. Sign- language would be an immense addition to my college resume. Most colleges accept applicants that have many abilities in different fields (physical, verbal, etc.).
Equally important, in my upcoming life and impending careers, I will most likely encounter many people with hearing and speech impairments. When I become a doctor, a quantity of my patients will have disabilities in dialogue and audibility. I would be able to communicate with them easier, rather than trying to obtain a translator. It will be very pleasant to chat in a language differing from my primary language. My family members would be proud of my achievement in something diverse from our culture.
To conclude, sign- language is something I would like to learn the most. In my opinion, it is a very useful tool for our society to learn. We should all learn something of our interests so we can gain the benefits of it.