I Want a Wife-Journal 4 Eng 121

The purpose of this essay is to get the writer to understand how to write a good paper, things to do in order to make your essay stand out to the reader, and how to keep the reader’s attention.   When a teacher tells you about an essay you have to write and you know you have little time to complete it. First thing we do is freak out. Instead of freaking out, try to stay calm. Think about what you want to write, think about the audience reading the paper, and think about the instructions. When Paul Roberts wrote his essay about college football, he had no clue where to start, no clue on what to write or how to write it. So on Sunday he sat down and just typed had to change a couple things before turning it in.
In the essay “How to say nothing in 500 words”, Paul uses selecting specific details as an element. Using details helps keep the reader’s attention on specific characteristics that make up places, people or objects. Like when Paul said “You can’t let English assignments interfere with your religion.” He said that because of all the things that he wanted to do that weekend instead of writing his paper. Think used specific details for this essay, helped keep reader’s attention going, and helped readers understand what to do to make their papers better. This essay should be a print off in order to keep and look back on when needed.
I think this essay helped me understand more about how to bring an essay alive. Made me understand a little more how to hold the reader’s attention. Learned how to slip out on the abstractions, staying away from obvious padding, what it meant to call a fool a fool, what color words where and how to use them, plus understand what pat expressions were. These topics I never really heard of, but I will be printing off this essay to use as a resource.