I Love You

F.4 IGCSE English Language Paper 1 Mark Schemes

Section A
Main Assessment Objective:
• read with insight
Supporting Assessment Objectives:
• develop and sustain interpretations of texts
• select material appropriate to purpose
• understand and evaluate how writers use linguistic and structural devices to
achieve their effects

1 no half marks, accept any of:
• he tells us “All my life I was crazy about cars”
• he had a (a stack of) car magazines (both words needed)
• he got his driving license within days of turning 16

2 Examiners should reward all valid responses to the passage up to two marks:
• I could no longer see at night
• I could no longer make out faces clearly from more than a few feet away
• Traffic signals had started vanishing and reappearing
• Street signs were unreadable
• Cars loomed up at me out of nowhere
• Pedestrians materialized in the middle of empty crossings.

3 This question asks candidates to explain rather than select simply select text for an answer. Examiners must reward all valid responses and may select from the following or others
• He is passionate about driving and describes it in a variety of ways - “the highway of dreams”
• He cannot imagine life without driving - “Driving wasn't everything, just life”
• It provides with “Liberty” in the broadest sense of the word
• It makes him happy - “the pursuit of happiness”
• Driving is linked with his self perception of his own youthfulness and vigour - “the promise that I would never, ever grow old”, “the promise that I would not fade away”
• Practical need to drive to work

4 Examiners should refer to the following bullet points and then to the table to reach an overall judgement.
There are many features in the passage that are worthy of comment and it is likely that candidates will focus upon different aspects of it. Examiners must reward all valid points that show an engagement with the text and an appreciation of the writer's technique rather than...